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TRAVEL: The Guide is not really just about travel. It’s about exploding every stereotype, fear, and expectation you have about the rest of the world and your place in it. Once you start flipping through, you’ll be consuming little knowledge bombs like potato chips. Good luck stopping. And good luck seeing things the same way ever again.


Turns on its head just about everything we thought we knew about how to get the best out of our travels, gloriously debunking the myths and exposing the clichés along the way.


Visually stunning and visually unsettling, stuffed with humor and wisdom and remarkable insight, this book will change the way you see the world.


Lansky’s book has all the qualities of a successful trip: It’s eye-opening, unexpected, gorgeous, and pleasurable. Also free from gastrointestinal difficulties.”


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Meet the team


Doug Lansky

Creator, Author, Art Director

DOUG LANSKY is an American travel writer and keynote speaker based in Sweden. He spent about 10 years traveling the world nonstop, visiting over 100 countries, and has since lived outside the US for an additional 13 years. Doug has contributed to Esquire, Men’s Journal, The Guardian, National Geographic Adventure, Reader’s Digest, COLORS Magazine, Public Radio, and many others. He has written books for Rough Guides and Lonely Planet (advice and photo books, not guides) and has had a nationally syndicated travel column in 40 newspapers around the United States. He has always been mindful of the effects of travel writing and the impact of tourism, and currently writes about this in a regular column for Skift and speaks about it at tourism conferences around the world.



    Adam Broomberg

    Creative Consultant

    South African photographer and former editor-in-chief of COLORS Magazine. Adam currently resides in London, where he and his partner, Oliver Chanarin, have created numerous books and art installations.  More at: www.choppedliver.info


      Alex Marashian

      Creative Consultant

      Former editor-in-chief of COLORS Magazine. He currently resides in Berlin where he is the creative director at Dropping Knowledge and a Marketing and Advertising Consultant,


        Doug McNair

        Copy Editor and Fact Checker

        Doug is a freelance editor who lives and works in Minneapolis.

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